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Video Borescopes 

Video Borescope is invaluable tool for professionals who need to inspect inaccessible areas for defects without harming them. This includes inspecting gas turbines, aircraft engines, heat exchangers and other hard-to-reach spaces. 

These inspection devices feature several integral parts which should be taken into consideration when purchasing this equipment for a specific application. The key feature of any video borescope is the ability to capture still or live images by means of a miniature camera integrated in the tip of the insertion probe. All our inspection systems feature advanced CMOS or CCD image sensors integrated in the tip of the insertion probe, which ensures the quality of the inspection footage. To enhance the view, they are all equipped with a powerful light source to illuminate the inspection area.

Insertion probe is another important part of a video borescope. Their lengths, diameters and functionality vary greatly depending on the inspection settings. Insertion probes can be rigid, semi-rigid or flexible, braided with extra durable materials, such as PVC, stainless steel, or Tungsten for additional robustness, with articulation or no articulation. All the probes are durable, water-, oil- and ware-proof.

Unlike fiberscopes, Video Borescopes deliver high quality detailed still or video images of the inspected object with the image displayed on attached (or detachable) monitors.

The remote visual inspections become easier and more efficient with videoscopes, as they allow users to capture high-resolution life-like images of the inspection area, make comments right on the display or save the inspection footage for future reference.

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