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SH Series (Sensor Inc.)

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Capacity: 5N - 1000N
Resolution: 0.001N - 1N

 ** To determine the peak with PEAK -Track button
** Unit Change to select the unit to be measured by the dynamometer
with the help of key: N, kgf , IBF
** Reset Button
** Memory function to take measurements with memory.
** Ability to transfer measurement results to a computer with an RS-232C
** Dinamometers excel and to receive print
** Digital force gauge with high sensitivity
** Digital force measurement device with high accuracy


Model Max Load Load Division Value
SH-5 5N 0.001N
SH-10 10N 0.01N
SH-20 20N 0.01N
SH-50 50N 0.01N
SH-100 100N 0.1N
SH-200 200N 0.1N
SH-500 500N 0.1N
SH-1000 1000N 1N
No specification attributes defined for this product.